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What kind of classes do you offer?

REBEL FITNESS offers 3 different types of classes:

  • Bootcamp - a mix of endurance and strength training using dumbells, sandbells, bodyweight, and other equipment to build strength and power

  • Cardio kickboxing - utilize pads and heavy bags to improve our boxing skills

  • Obstacle Course Training (OCT) - a mix of running, strength training in specific areas to conquer certain obstacles, and obstacle course race simulations to help you prep for your next race


I've never done kickboxing or OCR before can I still attend class?

Absolutely! Our classes are designed and programmed for every level and ability. Each workout can be modified to fit your abilities to safely get you stronger and progress to where you want to be.


Can I try Rebel Fitness without being a member?

YES! In fact our first 3 classes are free! We want REBEL FITNESS to be a good fit for you before becoming a member. If you decide you like it but would rather pay per class, we have drop-in rates for each type of class:

$15 for bootcamp and kickboxing, $20 for OCT

We also offer 5 class ($60) and 10 class ($100) Punch Cards



Do I have to sign a contract for a membership?

There is no contract to worry about. $99 a month is it! If for whatever reason you feel REBEL FITNESS isn't a fit for you, or you move out of the area, we ask that you give us a 30-day written notice so we can drop any reoccurring charges. The administrative fee is non-refundable.


How long is each class?

Classes during the week are 1 hour with a warm-up and cool down during each workout. Our Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Simulator, on the first Saturday of each month, will be 1 1/2 hour long.


Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

Just a water bottle and your motivation!


When are classes? Do you offer Saturday workouts?

Check out our WORKOUT SCHEDULE here. If not a member, drop-in fees are $15 for classes.


Is there child care?

There is no child care at this time. Children are NOT allowed on the equipment during class. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure children are staying off the equipment and out of the way for their safety and the safety of our other members. Children 15 and older can enroll in classes or take advantage of drop-in rates and classes.


What safety/sanitation measures are you using in response to COVID-19?

Here at REBEL FITNESS, our members' health and safety is our number one priority. We have introduced numerous safety precautions. We have multiple hand sanitizers around the gym. We also have disinfectant which allows us to clean the equipment properly, get in to hard-to-reach crevices, clean every surface, while killing viruses like COVID-19. Staff will use this on surfaces in all common areas every day, with special attention to bars, weights, mats, and all high-touch surfaces each day.


126 Holmes Road, Unit 14 & 15, Liberty HIll, TX 78642



About us


REBEL FITNESS... a place to come and get comfortable being uncomfortable. We aren’t saying this to scare anyone away because everyone’s ‘uncomfortable’ is different. Yours may be just walking through the door. To others, it may be trying something new. Then there are those who push their bodies beyond what they thought was possible! Regardless of what your ‘uncomfortable’ is, REBEL FITNESS will be there with trainers and an amazing community to help you -- because when you are ‘uncomfortable’, that is where the change happens!


REBEL FITNESS offers a variety of training classes which will help you gain endurance, strength, and mobility. REBEL also focuses on obstacle course training to get you ready for your next OCR race. We offer classes several times a day to meet your needs.

About Us
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