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rebel fitness

membership options

Add 1 Family Member - $50/Mo

NO Contract - $40 one-time admin fee

All we ask is for a 30-day notice if cancelling for any reason. 

Add 1 immediate family member that lives in the same household to any package. Contact us to set up a family member.

Add Entire Family - $100/Mo

Add all immediate family members living in the same household to any package. Contact us to add a family plan.

Class Drop-In Fee - $15

First 3 classes are FREE! After, all classes are subject to a $15 drop-in fee for non-members, including Saturday classes. Click HERE to register for your free classes. *Note: TTh 6:45 pm training classes are not part of the "3 Free Classes" and are subject to the $15 drop-in fee for non-members.

10 drop-in sessions - choose from bootcamp, cardio kickboxing, or OCR/DEKA/Hyrox training classes. Does not expire.

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“Regina is committed to the athletes she trains and is passionate about helping everyone reach their fitness goals. She is genuine, compassionate, and excellent at motivating me to push past 100% during every one of her workouts.”


March 2021

“Time with Regina is never wasted! No matter how busy my life as a mom of 4 can be, I NEVER regret an hour working out with her. I always walk away with my body challenged, mind expanded, and bucket filled.”


March 2021

“Regina believes in you, even when you have little faith in yourself. She's not afraid to get in your face and tell you to go harder because she knows you can even when you think you can't.”


March 2021

“Regina isn't just a trainer, she's a motivator. She will push you past your limits and you'll have fun doing it.”


March 2021

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