YOur first 3 classes are free

REBEL FITNESS is a gym for all people. If this is your first time doing group classes or trying obstacles for your first time or maybe you're a weekend warrior...WE GOT YOU! And, we want to prove it to you -- come try 3 classes on us and after that third class, you'll know that REBEL FITNESS is the gym for you. 

Monday & Wednesday

Bootcamp - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am | 5pm | 6:15pm

Kickboxing - 7:15pm

tuesday & thursday

Kickboxing - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am

Bootcamp - 5pm | 6:15pm

Obstacle Course Training - 7:15pm


Bootcamp - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am


First Saturday of each month - Obstacle Course Simulation Races | 7:30am to 9am 

All other Saturdays - 

Bootcamp - 7am

Kickboxing - 8:15am