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CLASS Schedule

REBEL FITNESS is a gym for all people. If this is your first time doing group classes or trying obstacles for your first time or maybe you're a weekend warrior...WE GOT YOU!

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday

Bootcamp - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am | 5:30pm

DEKA/Hyrox/OCR Hybrid - 6:45pm (Mon)

DEKA/Hyrox Training - 6:45pm (Tue)

Open Gym - 6:45pm (Wed)


DEKA and Hyrox Training - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am | 5:30pm

OCR Skills & Strength - 6:45pm


Bootcamp - 5am | 6:15am | 8:30am


Bootcamp - 7:30am

DEKA/Hyrox/OCR Training - 8:45am

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